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How to Remove Oil Stains?

Oil is liked in the food products, not on the clothes. Oil is chain of fatty acids, which when combined with fabric fibers from a strong bond. They are not easily removed if not removed initially. Read the article to know easy tips to remove oil stains.

Remove Oil Stains

Tips to Remove Oil Stains

1.) Blot Quickly to Remove Oil Stains

The first step to remove oil stains out of clothes is to do blotting. The faster you start blotting on the oil stains, the easier it will be to remove them. It does not matter which way you choose to remove oil stains out of clothes, the first step is always the blotting. Take a clean cloth or towel and just apply the towel or cloth to the oil stain. Absorb as much as oil as you can out of clothes. Don’t rub at all, as rubbing can drive the oil deeper into the fibers of clothes. Even a delay of few hours can make a big difference as treating after some time can be disastrous.

2.) Check Cloth Label to Remove Oil Stains

After blotting for a few minutes, just check the cloth manufacturing details. Make sure the cloth fabric is not reactive to any heat, cold water or detergent. These instructions play a major role in the removing of oil stains. Hot water is mostly used for removing oil stains, but check that hot water will not harm your cloth.

3.) Detergent Bars to Remove Oil Stains

Detergent bars helps to remove the grease and oil stains from your clothes. Many people consider it as the best one to treat oil on your daily clothes. Use hot water and detergent bar. Apply the detergent bar on the oil stain and slowly use toothbrush to rub on the stains in circular motions. First test your bar on a small, hidden area first.

4.) Table Salt to Remove Oil Stains

When you are busy and don’t have time to remove oil stains from clothes then don’t worry at all. You can save your clothes by using your salt shaker. After finishing the blotting of the oil stain, just pour salt onto the oil stains on your clothes. The salt helps to soak the oil stain and can be easily detached with the vacuum cleaner when you wish to remove the oil stain. You can follow the same process with the baking Soda also as it can also be used to absorb the red wine stain.

5.) Vinegar to Remove Oil Stains

Mix half a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of water. Drench oil stain with the water-vinegar solution and dab with a clean cloth. Next, mix half a spoon of liquid dish detergent with two cups of water. Make sure your dish liquid doesn’t have any sort of lanolin and bleach. Spray a small quantity of the dish soap liquid on the oil stain. Using a mild rubbing motion, apply the detergent liquid into the oil stain and repeat until oil stain is gone. To take off the soap, spray some water and rub gently.

6.) Carbonated Soda to Remove Oil Stains

Soda is an active ingredient found in the mixed drinks. It is a popular home remedy to remove oil stains out of clothes. The soda carbonation and the sodium components help to eradicate the oil stains. Apply a few spoons of soda to the oil stain. After applying and blotting the soda, you will see that some stains are removed. Now, apply a mixture of dish soap and warm water to the remaining stain. Use a clean towel to blot the soda until stain is removed properly. If oil stains are strong then use small amount of hydrogen peroxide with soda.

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