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How to Remove Sharpie?

After writing how to get sharpie out of clothes?, we will discuss some more way to remove sharpie. Everyone has stumbled upon a child drawing on walls, clothing, furniture, themselves etc. In fact, there isn’t a mom who hasn’t ended up with permanent marker somewhere that it should not suppose to be. So, follow this article to get a guide on removing (sharpie) permanent marker from just about anything.

How to Remove Sharpie

Top Ways to Remove Sharpie:

1.) Remove Sharpie from Fabric

You can try different methods for fabric like rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, nail polish remover, aerosol hairspray, WD-40, cream of tartar and lemon juice, or regular toothpaste. However, you should take sensitive fabrics like satin or silk to a dry cleaner.

2.) Remove Sharpie from Walls

Try aerosol hairspray, a Magic Eraser, regular toothpaste, or lemon essential oil for walls. However, be gentle when rubbing walls. Magic eraser can remove the paint if it applied too hard.

3.) Remove Sharpie from Wood (Furniture or Floors)

For wood use peanut butter, rubbing alcohol, or regular toothpaste (not gel). Use your weapon of choice onto the stain and allow it to sit for a few minutes. You should repeat until the stain is gone.

4.) Remove Sharpie from Leather (Clothing or Furniture)

Leather should be treated as soon as possible to get rid of sharpie stains. You can use aerosol hairspray, white vinegar (distilled) or sunscreen. Simply spray the solution onto the stain and blot to remove completely.

5.) Remove Sharpie from Carpet

To remove sharpie stain from carpet you can use rubbing alcohol, distilled white vinegar or aerosol hairspray. Dab the stain instead of rubbing it to ensure that the stain does not spread further into the carpet. Blot with a damp rag after the stain get out to  get the stain remover out of the carpet.

6.) Remove Sharpie from Furniture

The method to remove sharpie from furniture depends on the furniture material. Instead, you can laminate the furniture with dry erase marker. Now, you can trace the stain with the dry erase marker and it will come off. And it will also remove the stain. D does not use a Magic Eraser as it will damage high gloss furniture.

7.) Remove Sharpie from White Board

There is no one who hasn’t accidentally written on a whiteboard with a permanent marker. Now, to remove the stain you need a dry erase marker. You need to draw over the permanent marker and then wipe it off.

8.) Remove Sharpie from Glass (Dishes, Windows etc.)

For glass you can use baking soda combined with regular toothpaste (not gel), WD-40, dry erase marker, nail polish remover, or rubbing alcohol. Pick your favorite and wipe material with a paper towel. You can repeat until the stain is gone.

9.) Remove Sharpie from Skin

The permanent marker comes off skin relatively easily than other items with a myriad of household products. You can try nail polish remover, sunscreen, lotion, shaving cream, rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.

10.) Remove Sharpie from Flat screen (TV or Computer)

Now, you need to be extra careful while dealing with flat screen (LCD TV or Monitors) as their panels are quite delicate. You can use regular toothpaste or baby wipes. Dap a little amount of toothpaste onto the stain and let it sit for a ten minutes. Then, simply wipe it off with a clean cloth.

11.) Remove Sharpie from Plastic

To remove sharpie stain from plastic you can use a pencil eraser, Goo-Gone, sunscreen, dry erase marker or rubbing alcohol. Any of those should work on most types of plastic from plastic bins to toys, furniture etc.

12.) Remove Sharpie from Metal

For metal stuff like stainless steel appliances you can use rubbing alcohol, regular toothpaste or dry erase marker. These substances will wipe the marker right off after the application.

13.) Remove Sharpie from Tile

Smooth surface tiles should be easily clean but you may have to use more elbow grease to clean textured tile. You can try using a toothbrush or Q-tip and crannies. You can clean tile with regular aerosol hairspray, toothpaste (not gel), or a magic eraser.

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