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How to Replace a Toilet?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to replace a toilet. You are thinking that only professionals can replace a toilet then you are wrong. You can also easily install a new toilet without any help of a professional plumber. There are many DIY that people can take on to replace a toilet. Just you need to follow all the instructions provided in this article to replace a toilet with ease.

How to Replace a Toilet

Steps to Replace a Toilet:

1.) Disconnect the Supply Line

Turn off the water supply at the shut-off and flush the toilet to remove the water from the tank and bowl. You will still find little water trapped in the bowl. To remove water in the bowl you can use a force-cup plunger to force it down the drain line. Finally, remove all the remaining water from the tank using a sponge and a bucket.

2.) Removing the Old Toilet

To remove your old toilet, you need to pop off the trim caps at the base. Then, loosen and remove all the nuts and washers on the closet bolts getting the bowl to the floor. You might not be able to remove nuts if they are rusted, in such case you may need to cut them off.

Note:  Do not forget to disconnect the tank from the bowl before removing the bowl. You should lift the two pieces separately.

Once you have removed all the nuts it’s time to gently rock the toilet back and forth until it gets free from the base. After removing the toilet you should fill sewage hole to prevent tools from falling into the hole.

3.) Install a New Wax Seal

Use a knife to pry up and remove the previous wax seal. Check the flange under the seal to make sure it is not cracked. Once you’ve properly checked the flange, remove the rag from the hole. In case you find that flange is damaged then you should take help from a plumber. Now, remove the rag from the hole and take the bolts out of the flange. Install a new wax seal, and hook the fresh closet bolts in slots on the flange.

4.) Attach the Tank and Bowl

After installing the closet bolts and seal you can now attach the tank and bowl to assemble the new toilet. Put the tank bolts in the opening in the bottom of the tank. Line up the shaft of the bolts with the holes and then drop the tank into its place. Firmly tighten the nuts onto each tank bolt to secure the tank to the bowl. Make sure that the nuts are evenly tightened and the tank rests firmly on the bowl.

5.) Secure the Toilet and Finish Installation

Set the installed toilet onto the flange assembly and make sure that the closet bolts distended from the floor line up along with the holes in the base. Now, lightly press the toilet in its place to form a good seal with the wax ring. Place few washers and a nut on each bolt. Carefully, secure the nuts with a small wrench and check that you do not over tighten them. If the bolts exceed too far over the top of washers and nuts then simply cut off the excess with a hacksaw. Now, pop the trim caps in the place to cover the ends of the bolts. Use a mounting bolt to secure the new seat and lid to the bowl. You should use a slip-joint pliers to reconnect the water supply line to the bottom of the tank.

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