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How to Stretch Shoes?

Shoes are the most important wearable’s that sometime make us frustrated. You spend a lot of bucks on them and they start to bite your toes while walking. The reason of bite is that they are not stretched properly. It is quite important to stretch them before wearing. After writing on how to clean white vans?, we are writing the article to know the methods to stretch shoes in an easy way.

Stretch Shoes

Methods to Stretch Shoes

1.) Oats to Stretch Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Oats has the tendency to soak water and swell after that.
  • This is the biggest reason of using oats to stretch shoes.
  • This is an old trick used by cowboys for the leather boots.
  • Just fill your boots completely with oats or wheat that swells up when added with water.
  • Drop enough water in the oats to cover them. The oats will swell overnight.
  • In the next morning, wipe out the oats. Do not use the oats to prepare your breakfast.
  • The shoes will adjust to your feet after drying when you wear them for a few days.

2.) Rubbing Alcohol to Stretch Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • In a spray bottle pour rubbing alcohol and water in equal quantity.
  • Using the spray bottle, sprinkle the liquid on the inside of each shoe and wear for about half an hour.
  • Otherwise, simply apply the alcohol directly onto the shoe parts that require a bit of stretching.
  • After applying the alcohol wear the shoe or the boot immediately while it is still wet because the alcohol will dry fast.
  • The other method to use rubbing alcohol is by soaking the socks in it.
  • Take a pair of your cotton socks and soak them in rubbing alcohol and remove the excess alcohol out of it.
  • Wear the socks and put with the shoes until the alcohol evaporates.
  • Follow the same steps if necessary.

3.) Potato to Stretch Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Peel a potato as big as you can get, and put it into the shoe for whole night.
  • Make sure it is big enough to form a small swelling in the shoe.
  • Potatoes do not release foul smell and if any potato deposit is left over, it can be easily removed using a damp cloth.

4.) Freezing to Stretch Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Pour water in a sandwich bag, plastic bag or thick balloon, about one-third and seal tightly for both the shoes.
  • Put a sandwich bag inside the shoe and press into place so that it seals the shoe completely.
  • Put your shoes in the freezer for whole night until the water in the bag freezes. Once the water freezes, it will enlarge into your shoes, softly stretching the shoes leather.
  • Take away from the freezer and wait for them to soften for about half an hour before trying to take away the bags.
  • Put the shoes on and check how the shoes fit in your feet and repeat if needed.
  • It’s suggested that you don’t use this process on luxurious shoes.

5.) Newspaper to Stretch Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Crush up wet newspaper, and push it into your shoes.
  • Push in as much as the shoe will contain, but be watchful not to alter the shoe shape when using wet newspaper.
  • If you see that the shoe shape is not appropriate, take away newspaper and stuff again until the shape of the shoe looks appropriate.
  • Wait for the shoes to dry up. Take out the newspaper out of the shoe and put on the shoes.
  • This method can also contain freezing the shoes for extra enlargement. Use wet socks as a replacement of newspaper if needed.

6.) Heating to Stretch Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Heating is also a popular method to stretch shoes.
  • Just wear some thick socks and put your shoes. Now, with the help of hairdryer, heat the area of the shoe that is tight with high heat only.
  • Stretch your feet while applying heat with hairdryer. Turn your feet back and forth to change the shoe material as per your need.
  • This process doesn’t sound very easy, but it is easy.
  • The freezing and the heating method are popularly used to stretch the shoe sizes from a half to a full size.
  • It is best for the leather shoes because once it is stretched; it is doesn’t go back to its original size.

7.) Shoe Stretcher to Stretch Shoes

Steps to Follow:

  • Shoe stretcher is molded in the same manner as a foot and is made from wood.
  • Buy it from the local hardware or cobbler store.
  • A shoe stretcher can alter both the width and length as per your need.
  • A shoe stretcher can take weeks to have its effect.
  • These shoe stretchers also include buttons that you can attach into holes for shoes to stretch.
  • Always apply spray or oil with the shoe stretcher to the shoes.
  • You can buy it from any shoe stores, cobbler shop, or from the shop you bought the shoe-stretcher.
  • The use of spray or oil is to make the shoe material a little flexible, that helps to stretch properly in a particular manner.

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