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How to Take off Gel Nails?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to take off gel nails. No doubt, gel nails are durable and the paint on the nails closely resembles real nails. Removing get nails by professionals is commonly adopted the method. However, you can skin visiting professionals to take off gel nails by using items at home. Carefully follow the steps mentioned in this article to remove gel nails easily.

How to Take off Gel Nails

Steps to Take off Gel Nails:

1.) Fill a Bowl with Acetone

Acetone is a great chemical that reacts with the gel nail to loosen its grip and remove it from your natural nail. There is a rich amount of acetone in all nail polish removers. However, this amount is not enough to take off gel nails, so you need a concentrated amount of pure acetone. Cover the bowl of acetone with a plastic. Use a rubber band to firmly hold the cover in place. Pour the acetone into a larger bowl of warm water such that the acetone warms up. Allow it to sit for five minutes. After that, remove the acetone from the outer bowl in order to prevent overheating. You need to take proper precaution while dealing with acetone as it is highly is flammable. Do not ever try to heat it in microwave. Keep the acetone away from heat sources, and warm it gently with proper care.

2.) Protect the Skin with Petroleum Jelly

The acetone can dry out and damage the skin, so it is very important to protect with a layer of petroleum jelly. There is no boundation that you can only use petroleum instead you can use a lotion or balm that lists it as an ingredient. To apply the jelly, dip a cotton swab in the petroleum jelly and apply the jelly around the edges of your nails. Cover your skin on the fingers down just below the top knuckles. Do not apply too much petroleum jelly on the nails as it will prevent the acetone to be able to dissolve the gel.

3.) Wrap Your Nails in Acetone

Soak a cotton ball in the acetone to completely saturate it. After that, hold it against your nail and wrap in a strip of aluminum foil to completely fix it in place. Repeat the step with your remaining nails. Let the nails soak in acetone for at least half an hour. Acetone may irritate your skin and if it doesn’t then you can dip your nails straight into the bowl rather using cotton balls and aluminum foil. It is highly recommended that you should not soak nails like this for more than 35 minutes.

4.) Remove the Foil and Cotton Balls

Carefully remove the foil and then cotton balls, the gel would come right off when you swipe it with the cotton ball. If you succeeded then you should repeat the process with your remaining nails. If the gel on the test nail is still firmly in place then replace the cotton ball and wrap it up in foil. Now, let your nails sit for another ten minutes before trying again.

5.) Condition Your Nails

After taking off gel nails, you need to rinse off the acetone and then reshape your natural nails with a nail file. Moisturize your nails and hands with a lotion or cosmetic oil. To prevent damaging your nails you should file only in one direction at a time. As the acetone has dried out your nails so treat them gently for a few days. You may need to wait for a week or so before applying another set of gels.

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