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How to Tile a Shower?

A tiled shower enhances the beauty and robustness and worth to your home. Go through these steps to tile a shower by yourself. Read this article to learn the basic steps required to properly establish a leak-proof shower. We recommend you that consult with a general contractor if you are tiling a shower for the first time.

Tile a Shower

Steps to Tile a Shower

1.) Remove Ceiling to Tile a Shower

Steps to Remove Ceiling:

  • You may first remove the shower slate and ceiling.
  • If you have the opportunity to reinstate a new shower slate into the shower area, try to apply down a part of plastic cover underneath the shower slate.
  • So that any moisture that travels underneath the shower slate doesn’t circulate with wood and make corrosion.

2.) Install Vapor Barrier to Tile a Shower

Steps to Install Vapor Barrier:

  • Vapor barrier helps to stop the growth of mold and mildew because of the moisture from your shower that goes deep through the tiles.
  • Always seal the vapor barrier from the bottom of the shower slate and leave the top of sealing portion when installing it on the exterior wall.
  • Always install it in such a way that there is a gap between the vapor barriers and wall to breathe in the winter seasons.
  • In the winters there is the chance of rotting of the frames of vapor barrier because of the moisture.
  • Plastic boards are good option than the cement board, as considered by some experts.

3.) Form Dry Wall to Tile a Shower

Steps to Install Form dry Wall:

  • Applying the cement board is just like forming a drywall.
  • Cut it to fit according to yourself, and then bolt it to the nails.
  • Leave some space among panels and a very minute gap between the shower slate and the bottom of the supporter.
  • This is important as it will avoid the noise by rubbing of them against each other.
  • Cut the holes using a saw where the shower head and levers would come over.

4.) Paint Dry Wall to Tile a Shower

Steps to Paint Dry

  • After you’ve formed the dry wall and sealed the edges to reduce the gap, just apply a high quality external paint over the minute wallboard and supporter.
  • You won’t get decent bond if you apply thin-set of plaster over Spackle.

5.) Cut Tiles to Tile a Shower

Steps to Cut Tiles:

  • If your shower area walls are not exactly square, then you have to cut the tiles according to this only.
  • The plan of these square tiles is quite important. Extent up from the bottom of the supporter board to the height of a tile. Mark this dimension with a pencil and using a mark, transfer the mark diagonally the shower stand.
  • This will be a measurement for the first row so that all bottom tiles will be in the level.
  • The other method to design out the first row of tiles is to check both part of the shower slate that is high or low.
  • Full tile should be used to make the low spot, measure it, and then cut the tiles.
  • Keep the cement lines away from the inner corners of the attachment to prevent the requirement of tiny tiles and poor cement joints.

6.) Mix Mortar to Tile a Shower

Steps to Mix Mortar:

  • You want your mortar to be in the form of the peanut butter that is not thick or not too thin.
  • This will help you set the mortar in a clean manner.
  • Take the help of an electric drill to mix your mortar.
  • This will make the mortar more consistent and finally a better product.
  • Now, before applying the mortar on the dry wall just wet the dry wall.
  • Wetting will help the mortar to fix on it properly.

7.) Set Tile to Tile a Shower

Steps to Set Tiles:

  • Set the tile in the middle of the wall to check its visual effect. After applying the mortar on the back of tile, just press the tile in such a way to check that the mortar is fixed properly to the tile and the dry wall.
  • Rub away any additional mortar coming out of the joints of tiles. You can also take away the extra mortar from the tiles using your fingers.

8.) Avoid Touching to Tile a Shower

Avoid Touching:

  • Do not touch the tile for at least two days.
  • This will set them permanently and for long period of time.
  • All the above steps mentioned are quite important to tile a shower.

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