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How to Train a Puppy?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to train a puppy.  Owning a new puppy is a really great experience but this comes with some responsibility that you should train him. Training is required as he not understands the proper place to eliminate. Training a puppy not only include eliminate training but you can also give various types of training like salute, garbage collection, dance, army crawl, high-five etc.

Best Way to Train a Puppy:

1.) House Training to Train a Puppy

House training a puppy is all about consistency, patience, and reinforcement. Your main goal is to teach good habits and build a loving and kind bond with your pet. It will roughly take four months a puppy to be fully house trained. However, some puppies may take up to six months. To house train, a puppy, keep the puppy on a regular feeding timetable and take away the food between meals. Start your training by first taking your puppy to eliminate in the morning and then once every 20- 30 minutes to an hour. Do not forget to take your puppy outside after each meal or when he wakes from a nap. Your puppy will learn the habit if you take him the same spot each time. You need to stay with him outside, at least until he get properly trained. The best way to accomplish any training is to give him a treat. So, when he eliminates outside, praise him with a treat. You can also take him to walk around the neighborhood which is also a nice reward for him.

2.) Crate Training to Train a Puppy

how to train a puppy

A crate does not give any magical solution. If it is not correctly done then your puppy may feel trapped and frustrated. So, you should not use the crate as a punishment. If your puppy feel it like a trap then he will come to fear and refuse to enter it. The crate is a dog home so does not even treat a crate as a Dog’s jail. You should not forcefully put your puppy in the crate you will need to give him proper training such that he will love to enter in the crate.  Whenever your puppy sees the crate, he will love to enter in it. You should also keep in mind that whenever you start training you need to give some command to do that particular trick.

3.) Gentleness Training to Train a Puppy

Gentleness training is one of the most important training in which you will be training your puppy to be gentle when interacting with people. This training includes stopping him to nip or chew on people’s hands. While training your puppy gentleness, you should also give him vocabulary and respect training. Generally, the puppies who have been taken away from their mothers acquire a tendency to be nipper and to play more roughly. So, you will need to take extra care for them and try to teach your puppy how to live with humans. Remember, you will be responsible for your puppy bad or good behavior.

4.) Household Rules Training

Having a puppy is quite lovely feeling as he can take away all you mental tension due to office work when you come back home. However, when you see him scratching your furniture, shredding the toilet paper, jump into the lap of a seated person, or jump up on the furniture. Then, these will definitely drive you crazy and your tension will be amplified. The thing is your puppy does not know about household rules as you know. You need to give him a proper training so that he can learn what to do and what to not. Make a household rules list and try consistently enforcing your puppy what you have decided like say “No!”  so that he will not touch that item. Similarly, say “Good!” when he touch the item which is allowed to touch or play with.

5.) Teach Your Puppy Words

Once your puppy started to give a response to command “NO” and “Good” then only you should start training to teach other words. Teach your puppy words on the regular basis and do not forget to point to the things related to that command. Always start with teaching him “No” (Stop whatever you’re doing) and Good (I like what you’re doing). The right time to teach him these words is when he is at 2-3 months of age. If you are thinking why these two words are most important then you must know whenever you give him training you will need these words. The only purpose of teaching “No” and “Good” is to train your puppy by command and else there is no use of these words while teaching other words.

6.) Respect Training is a Must

It is one of the most importuning training that you teach your puppy. You will have to teach him to respect you as leader of the house. If your puppy does not respect you then you can’t train him properly. He will not go to obey your commands and orders. You might have come across dog owners who say their dog “understands” them just fine. You also have come across who say – he just doesn’t DO what they say.

7.) Avoid Biscuit Training

Giving your puppy treat after successful accomplishment of any step is quite a good method to train a puppy. However, you should not rely on a treat while teaching him good behavior. It will be your big mistake to rely on food treats to teach your puppy good manner.  The major disadvantage of biscuit training is that when is not hungry then he does not care about your treat and would refuse your command. Imagine a situation that your puppy running out the front door. You saw this and call him to offer a treat but he’s not hungry so will rather prefer chasing a squirrel into the road. The major danger is that getting hit by the cars on the road.

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