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How to Use a Bong?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to use a bong. Whether you have been a fan of cannabis for a long time or a new marijuana user the chances are you’re familiar with a thing “bong” looks like. However, there are certain cannabis users of all experience levels who have not tried a bong. If you are in that category and interested in trying out a bong then keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about how to use a bong.

How to Use a Bong

Best Way to Use a Bong:

1.) Start With a Clean Bong

If you buy a new bong then it should not have any buildup in it. However, just like kitchen equipment and other items that you eat or drink out of it should be initially cleaned with soap and hot water before using it for the first time.

2.) Add Ice to Use a Bong

Nowadays every bong comes up with ice catcher and your bong also has that then you should be adding some ice cubes for refreshment. Well, this step is completely dependent upon your choice there is no rule that you should add ice to the bong. So, add ice cubes it cools the smoke before you inhale it.

3.) Pour in Water

Pouring water in the bong is necessary for best experience but you should only add filtered water, not tap water. If you wondering how much water you should add then the level of water is about an inch above the “diffuser”. The diffuser is a piece of glass that goes into the bong, it resembles a test tube. Filling to about an inch above the diffuser will give you an optimal experience when you hit your bong.

4.) Load Your Bowl

The bowl is a small piece that fits into the diffuser. Before loading the bowl you need to be sure to pick out any seeds that may be in the cannabis. When smoking out of a bong, it is better to leave stems in. Then you can easily load the bowl with your ground cannabis. The thing is everyone has their own way of loading the bowl. The major thing to shoot for is ensuring it is loose enough that the hole not gets clogged. If the hole is accidentally clogged then you can fix the problem by using a toothpick or paperclip to move the cannabis around.

5.) Light the Bowl and Breathe in Slowly

You should light the bowl and breathe slowly with hemp wick. You should try to light the corner of the marijuana so that it does not scorch it all on the first hit. After the bowl is hit you will want to put the top of the bong around then lips and then breathe in slowly.

6.) Lift the Bowl and Inhale the Hit

When you breathe slowly the bong will fill with the smoke. And, once it is noticeably full then you will want to pull the bowl out slowly and then inhale all the smoke. The most common mistake beginners usually make during this step is feeling high pressure to fill the bong up with a huge amount of smoke. You should let it fill with less smoke while focusing on fully inhaling the hit. No doubt, you will have a very enjoyable hit with minimum side effects like choking or heavy coughing.

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