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How to Use a Sewing Machine?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to use a sewing machine. Sewing machines basically look complex to those who do not know how to use them properly. However, you should not fear of a sewing machine and the skill set keep you from creating glorious textile wonders. You just need to follow the guide provided in this article to a sewing machine so that you can begin crafting your own hand-made items.

How to Use a Sewing Machine

Best Way to Use a Sewing Machine:

1.) Place the Machine

Find an even surface to place you sewing machine i.e. a sturdy table, counter, desk, or sewing cabinet in front of you.  Place the machine so that the needle is on your left and the body is on your right.

2.) Install a Needle

The needles have a flat side that can go toward the back. You will see a groove down one side of the needle. The groove should face the direction from which the needle is threaded. Now, insert a needle all the way into the post and carefully tighten the thumbscrew. You can also refer manual if you are having any trouble.

3.) Wind and Insert the Bobbin

Every sewing machine uses two thread sources, one at the top and other at the lower thread, stored on a bobbin. Now, to wind the bobbin, place the bobbin spool on the winder on the top. Follow the guides thoroughly to wrap the thread from the spool around the guide and to the bobbin. Then, turn the winder on, and wait until it stops automatically. After winding the bobbin, place it in the bobbin cage which is located below the needle on the lower half side of the sewing machine.

4.) Thread the Sewing Machine

The spool resides on the top of the machine, but it should be unwound and attached to the needle. Now, to do this, pull the thread through the guide at the top, then down and around the take-up lever. You can find small numbers and some arrows printed on the sewing machine indicating the way in which to thread the machine.  You can also follow the guides printed on the machine.

5.) Get Both Threads Out

Grip the needle thread taut, and towards you in your left hand. With the right hand, make a complete needle down/up rotation by turning the hand wheel toward you. Then, pull up the needle thread that you are still holding with the left hand. Pull one side of the loop to bring up the thread tail, or just free the needle thread and pass scissors between the presser and plate to pull the looped thread out. You should now have the ends of both threads, one from the needle and other coming up from below from the bobbin.

6.) Practice on Some Scrap Material

Choose an ordinary woven material for your first sewing experience. You should not use a heavy fabric for your initial attempts at the machine. Do not take Denim and flannel as they can be hard to sew. There are several layers are piled together. You simply need to line up the fabric under the needle.

7.) Lower the Presser Foot onto the Fabric

You will see a lever behind the needle assembly that raises the presser foot. While sewing the machine uses a feed dog underneath the presser foot to progress the fabric at the correct speed. There is no need to pull the whole fabric through the machine. Pulling will end up bending the needle or damage your work. You can easily adjust the speed and the stitch magnitude on the machine.

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