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How to wash a comforter?

In this article, we will discuss the best way to wash a comforter. If you think that washing your comforter without taking without taking it to the dry cleaning is safe then you are right. You can easily wash a comforter without spending any penny to dry cleaned professionals. You only need a mild detergent, wool dryer balls or tennis ball, a couple of hours to spend at a Laundromat and patience. For those who have large size comforter, they need a lot of patience.

How to wash a comforter

Things You Will Need to Wash a Comforter:

  • Mild detergent (homemade detergent is ideal)
  • An extra-large dryer
  • Wool dryer or tennis balls
  • A large front loading washing machine (home models are usually too small for this task)

Step-by-Step Instructions to Wash a Comforter:

1.) Load Your Comforter into a Washing Machine

Before entering comforter in the washing machine, make sure it is uniformly distributed. Your comforter needs sufficient space to get thoroughly clean. So, you need a washing machine accordingly and If your washing machine can’t accommodate you should take it to a Laundromat. Use only one of the large, front-load washers.

2.) Set the Washing Machine to Wash a Comforter

After putting the comforter in the washing machine you should make the delicate setting and select the water temperature. The proper setting of the washing machine is quite essential to prevent damage to the casing. Choosing a water temperature depends on a couple of factors:

  • You need to use cool water or warm water as per the label instructions.
  • Use only hot water if you want to kill dust mites and you do not have a dryer.
  • Heat over 135 degrees Fahrenheit (54 C) will kill dust mites. However, if you are more concerned about damaging the fabric or color of the comforter then use only cool water.

3.) Add an Extra Wash Cycle

An extra rinse cycle depends on upon your need and washing machine. You can select the extra rinse cycle in the beginning also or you can add this extra step after the first cycle.

4.) Use a Small Amount of the Mild Detergent

Choose a homemade natural detergent that is safe for delicate materials. The benefit of using a small amount is that it prevents over-foaming in the machine. A small amount of detergent will reduce stripping the feathers of down comforters.

5.) Add a Clean Pair of Wool Dryer or Tennis Balls

Adding wool dryer balls or tennis balls to the wash will help balance the load and it also ensures effective cleaning. Make sure your settings should suit the tennis balls otherwise things will go wrong. Filling tennis balls are necessary to ensure even distribution.

6.) Dry the Comforter on the Low-Heat Setting

Once you have done with washing the comforter, it will take few hours to get completely dry. While drying the comforter you should use high heat setting to kill dust mites. Be careful as tennis balls or wool dryer balls may not tolerate high heat settings. Every 30 minutes you should pull the comforter out of the dryer and fluff it. This will help redistribute the fill and encourages even drying by keeping your comforter properly aerated.

7.) Hang the Comforter Outside

If it is bright sunny day then you should complete drying process by putting a comforter in sunlight for a few hours. By doing this you will ensure that the comforter is thoroughly dried which is quite essential for preventing mildew. The other advantage of sunlight is that it helps kill dust mites. If the weather does not permit to hang the comforter. Then hang it in a dry and well-ventilated area indoors.

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