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How to Wash Shoes?

After writing on how to clean white vans?, we will discuss the top way to wash shoes. It does not matter kind of lifestyle you live but your shoes will inevitably get dirty over time. You do not need to worry as there are simple techniques which will often eliminate excess dirt and grime, leaving them looking brand new.

How to Wash Shoes

Steps to Wash Shoes:

1.) Remove the Laces and Insoles

You should wash your shoes, insoles, and laces separately as this will cut down the drying time later on. You can also wash your laces with your shoes in a washing machine. However, doing so with the insoles will lead to water-logged in them for days.

2.) Clean Your Laces to Wash Shoes

You can clean your laces with a soapy brush or by putting them in the washing machine along with your shoes. This will allow them to air dry completely before putting them on your shoes next time. Another good way to clean your laces is to put or pin them inside a pillowcase. You can also tie their ends together and then throw them in the washer. This will prevent them from getting stuck in the drainage holes.

3.) Clean and Deodorize Your Insoles

Using a mild soapy mixture of liquid detergent and warm water you can clean and deodorize your insoles. Then soak up any excess soapy water with a normal sponge and let them air dry completely before inserting them back in your shoes.

4.) Clean Excess Debris and Stubborn Marks

Try using a dry toothbrush or a soft brush to brush away any surface mud or dirt from your shoes. Clean off other marks using any soft brush with warm water or paper towel. If the brush is not enough to clean the nooks and crannies then, you may need to use a cotton swab (Q-tip) or a toothpick.

5.) Put Shoes Inside a Pillowcase

After putting the shoes in the pillowcase you should pin the opening half-shut with about three safety pins, so water can still be able to flow in and out. To wash the laces in the washing machine at the same time you should tie the ends together. After that put them inside the pillowcase with the shoes. Alternatively, you can also substitute a mesh bag in the place of a pillowcase.

6.) Place the Pillowcase Inside the Washing Machine Along with One or Two Towels

This is quite important to place the shoes in the pillowcase as it will prevent the shoes from banging around during the machine cycles. If you put the shoes directly then it could damage the machine or your shoes.You should keep in mind that most of the sneakers are durable enough to handle machine cycle. However, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions, as Nike recommends hand-washing only.

6.) Add Liquid Detergent to Wash Shoes

It’s time to add powdered detergent in the machine that can get stuck in your shoes, liquid detergent is the great option. Add some vinegar along with detergent to remove odors and some pine oil to disinfect. If you are using pine oil then the product should be at least 80% pine oil.

7.) Set and Run the Washing Machine

You need to set your washing machine before starting the cleaning process. You should use delicate setting, cold temperature, no or slow spin, and no tumble drying.

8.) Remove and Air-Dry Your Shoes

After removing shoes from the washing machine put them aside to air dry. You should not put the shoes in the dryer as it can warp the soles of your shoes. Stuff the shoes with paper towels or newspapers as it will help them dry much faster and also maintain their shape.

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