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How to Make a Cootie Catcher?- Fold a Cootie Catcher

After our last post on how to make a fortune teller? we are explaining the best way to make a cootie catcher. It is also known as a paper fortune-teller, salt-cellar, chatterbox, or whirlybird. These are wonderful boredom busters, and really easy to make. This detail guide will provide you the simple instructions and all the steps to make a cootie catcher easily. You can also download the printable cootie catcher from the link given in this guide.

How to Make a Cootie Catcher

Steps to Make a Cootie Catcher:

1.) Prepare the Paper

To make a cootie catcher, you should use a paper which is in the shape of a square. In case, you have a rectangular piece of paper then you can fold it into a square by cutting the excess edges. To cut square piece from a rectangular paper you need to fold one corner of the paper diagonally until the edges line up. You will see a rectangular strip at the bottom that you need to cut off to obtain a perfect square. You can also decorate one side, this step is optional.

2.) Fold the Paper Along Perimeter

You need to fold the square paper in half so that the top and bottom edges of the square line up. This will make a crease exactly middle of the square paper and you’re left with two equal lengths and bread rectangular shape. You need to properly crease the edges before unfolding the paper back into the shape of a square. This time, you need to fold the paper in opposite way in half. The procedure will remain the same as the previous one. You need crease this time also to keep the fold in place and then unfold the square again. Now you will be seeing a large ‘X’ going through the center along diagonals.

3.) Fold the Corners in Towards the Center

Once you obtained the X shape crease, work your way folding each of the corners in towards the center. There is a clearly visible center at the intersection in the middle of the paper. Match the four corners in the center. You will see a diamond shape smaller square than the previous one.

4.) Flip the Paper Over and Fold Corners Again

Flip the folded paper over in such a manner that the previously folded corners are facing down, and the smooth top side of the paper is facing upwards. Repeat the above-mentioned step of folding all the corners inward such that it meets at the center. By doing this you will again get a smaller square/diamond shape.

5.) Fold the Paper in Half Again in Each Direction

Your cootie catcher is about to be made. It is in the final stages of folding. Before you finish up, reassert the creases by folding the paper in equal halves in both directions. This will make the cootie catcher quite easier to open up.

6.) Pull the Tabs Towards You

Flip the paper over and there should be 4 small squares that are formed and open at the corners. Simply, pull these outwards, and center should fold inwards a bit. You are done; the cootie catcher of the fortune teller is ready to predict other’s future.

7.) Add Your Fortunes to the Cootie Catcher

Normally, there are 3 main sections that need to be labeled. When you are holding the cootie catcher, each of the 4 corner tabs should be labeled with a color. When you flatten out the cootie catcher, inside tabs should be labeled on the outside with any number. Finally, each of the inner tabs should be well labeled with a fortune or note (under a corresponding number) to be read when you open.

Printable Cootie Catcher Templates:

Printable Cootie Catcher Format   (With Pre-Written Fortunes)

Blank Cootie Catcher Format (You Need to Write Fortunes)

Video Instructions:

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