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How to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes?

Nail polish is the nice way to enhance any outfit you are wearing. It has become a style statement nowadays and finishes the look. The range of colors of this nail polish is infinite from glossy orange, pink, sparkling silver and red. These nail polish colors look good on your nails, but not on your clothes at all. If you’ve dropped nail polish on your clothes, just read the article to know how to remove nail polish from clothes. This will help you to get rid of nail polish stains on clothes and fabrics.

Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

Remedies to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes:

1. Nail Polish Remover or Acetone to Remove Nail Polish on Clothes

Acetone or nail polish remover is one of the best remedies  to remove nail polish from the clothes. Like nails, it also helps to get rid of nail polish stains on the clothes and fabric.

  • Dip a cotton ball into the acetone or nail polish remover.
  • Rub this cotton on the stain of the nail polish.
  • Blot the nail polish from the fabric.
  • Repeat this with a fresh cotton ball until the stain is completely vanished.

2. Remove Nail Polish from Clothes without Nail Polish Remover

If you do not have nail polish remover acetone or do not find it convenient to use, then there are other remedies as well that you can to get rid of nail polish on clothes. Below we have listed some of the household products that can be used to get nail polish out of clothes.

  • Off Bugs Spray- Spray a good amount of off bugs spray on the stain. Leave it on for some time. The rub gently until the stain is removed thoroughly. Repeat this if needed.
  • Hair Spray-  If you do not find off bugs spray, use hair spray instead. It’s working is similar to the off bugs spray.
  • Old Toothbrush- If you find nothing to remove the stain, then simply dampen the stained area and rub a toothbrush over. Use a laundry detergent while working on the stain.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide-  Dab a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Blot it with a paper towel or a washcloth. Do this until you get rid of stain completely.

Tips to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes:

  • First, if the nail polish stain is fresh, slowly take out as much extra nail polish as possible.
  • Gently press the nail polish stain using a clean cloth to take out nail polish, do not rub.
  • Inspect the label on your discolored clothing item.
  • Do not attempt to remove the polish, if the fabric contains acetate or triacetate.
  • Don’t use nail polish remover on these fabric as these remover contains an ingredient called acetone.
  • This chemical acetone is a highly flammable liquid solution.
  • Acetone will also burn the fabric you’re trying to clean.
  • If the fabric is labeled with dry-clean only, go immediately to an expert dry cleaner fast.
  • If the fabric is easily washable and is not combined with acetate or triacetate, then you can try to take some action at your home.
  • Make a space to remove nail polish from your item of clothing.
  • Use an old, rag or clean towel to place the garment on top of it.
  • First apply the nail polish remover having acetone on a small, ordinary area of the clothing first.
  • You can apply it inside of a collar cuff or below the edge of them.
  • If it is working fine then, slowly rub on a small quantity of nail polish remover to the nail polish stain with a fresh cloth or sponge.
  • Cautiously press at the nail polish in a slow motion to avoid the nail polish from getting deeper into the cloth fibers.
  • Press in such a way from the outside in that to reach the clean area of the towel below as it absorbs up the stain fast.
  • Follow the above steps until the nail polish stain is no longer shifting to the kitchen paper or white towel.
  • Wash the cloth in cold water.
  • Wash as usual according to the directions on the washing tag using any liquid detergent.
  • It is one of the best ways to remove nail polish from clothes.

Additional Tips to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

  • Beauty stuff like hairspray often work as a great substitute to nail polish remover. Make sure you first try it on a test patch first like under the collar or cuff. If you have any doubt in your mind, then take the item to a qualified dry cleaner first.
  • If you are not getting nail polish remover having acetone then don’t worry at all. All nail polish removers don’t contain acetone. You can also purchase the non-acetone nail polish remover from any beauty store. We have mentioned here it because; the key active ingredient in nail polish remover having no acetone at all is ethyl acetate. But be careful while using it as it is also a highly flammable solvent, like acetone.
  • You can also rub alcohol on your cloth having nail polish mark. It is a useful household ingredient that is popularly used to remove nail polish from fabrics. First of all, test it on an area that is not that important, and then mildly apply with cotton swabs and remove away the polish as before, by using a clean white cloth or kitchen paper to help steep up the stain.

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