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How to Unclog a Shower Drain?

It is always worth avoiding the expenditure of paying to a plumber if you can. Unclogging a shower drain yourself is an easy and simple task. It isn’t as hard as some people might think. The clogged shower drain problems can be handled easily by using some simple and straightforward ways. Read the article below to unclog a shower drain. Once you have opened the blockage of the shower drain, it is important to work on preventing, the risks of it happening again. You can buy a drain protector to stop the broken hair, clothes fibers and oils to go deep into the drain pipe.

Unclog a Shower Drain

Clogged Shower Drain Symptoms

  • The first time that you get to know that you have a problem with a blocked shower drain is when you are bathing in a pool of water in the shower because the water isn’t going down the drain like it always.
  • Unluckily, once the problems of drainage have started, they will get gradually poorer over the time. As fast as you deal with the clogged drain problem, the simpler it can be to resolve.

Clogged Shower Drain Causes

  • The main reason of a clogged shower drain is because of the bunch of broken hair, dirt, oil, clothes fibers and soap. The hair is often covered everywhere in the parts of the drain and so are hard to remove.
  • The difficulty starts more frequently in those shower drains where the users of shower have long hair.

Methods to Unclog a Shower Drain

1.) Boiling Water to Unclog a Shower Drain

Steps to Use Boiling Water:

  • This helps to break down the oils of the soap and body washers that are causing the blockage together and open the blockage.
  • This method may not work, on severe blockage, but for small blockages it is quite effective. Those blockages that have a lot of knotted hair and has deposits over time.
  • It may clear the blockage to some extent, and work quite fast to unclog a shower drain when used simultaneously with another method listed below.

2.) Plunger to Unclog a Shower Drain

Steps to Use Plunger:

  • The amount of the blockage, the design of your shower drain and where the blockage is in the drain plays an important role to unclog a shower drain.
  • If the blockage is deep and full of hair, for example then you might face difficulty to get ample amount of suction for plunging to be successful.
  • You can apply the petroleum jelly to the corners of the suction pad for a better grip and also use water to submerge the end of plunger, if it isn’t already.
  • This method is quite cheap as costs involved in it are quite small.

3.) Use Hand to Unclog a Shower Drain

Steps to Use Hand:

  • This tip is a successful way to unclog a shower drain, but it includes the use of your hands, so it’s an advice to wear the rubber gloves.
  • Just pull out the drain cover. Occasionally there is a bolt in the middle that you have to remove. Other times you can try to take away the drain off using a screwdriver.
  • Use a flashlight and have a look inside the drain to find the blockage. If the blockage is within the reach, just remove it out with your fingers.

4.) Chemicals to Unclog a Shower Drain

Steps to Use Chemicals:

  • Most supermarkets and hardware stores sell strong drain chemical cleaners that are designed for the purpose of unblocking the drains.
  • Follow the directions carefully.
  • They can cause harm to your drainage pipes if used regularly as they are highly corrosive and reactive.
  • Using these chemicals is usually a quick, relaxed, and reasonable method, but you can reduce their regular use by to avoid the damage of your drain pipes.

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